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Welcome to the world of Green Skunk Deodorant, where air quality is 'e-scent-ial'! 


Compared to the competitors, our all-natural deodorants 'spray it like we mean it'!


  • NO Aluminum!
  • NO Artificial Ingredients!
  • NO Hidden Ingredients!
  • MULTIPLE Odor-Fighting, Active Ingredients!
  • NO Residue--Dries Quickly Upon Application!


 If nearby, please find us at any of our outstanding partners: Retail Locations



If we're not yet in your neighborhood, NEW online purchase options are below!

These are a 6-8 month supply and 4 Xs (8 fl oz) the volume available in retail stores (2 fl oz)!

 brxl01sm.jpg  brxl02sm.jpg

 Bay Rum Deodorant (ONLINE ONLY): XL size (8 oz)



lwxl01sm.jpg   lwxl02sm.jpg

Lemonwood Deodorant (ONLINE ONLY): XL size (8 fl oz)


svxl01sm.jpg  svxl02sm.jpg

Sweet Vanilla Deodorant (ONLINE ONLY): XL size (8 fl oz)




Serving you is a 'smellebration'!


The Green Skunk Team 




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